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Tender No. Tender Subject Tender Date Last Date of Application Tender Notice Related Amendment/Notice/Notification
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/2014/17 Notice of RSK signage tender cancellation 11/08/2017 11/08/2017 Download  
SBIDH/245 Quotation for washing and cleaning of linen items - satyabala IDH 08/08/2017 21/08/2017 Download  
620/17 Tender for reporting form and registers 07/08/2017 04/09/2017 Download  
CMOH/2847 Tender notice for 300mA-full wave rectified X-Ray machine with table 31/07/2017 10/08/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1896/17 NIT_Gabberia SGH 31/07/2017 16/08/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1895/17 NIT_JBPur RH 31/07/2017 16/08/2017 Download  
586/17 tender for vision centre 27/07/2017 21/08/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/1769/17 Limited Tender from Govt. Press for WIFS and MHT registers 17/07/2017 24/07/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1696/17 Construction work at BBDhar 10/07/2017 31/07/2017 Download  
CMOH/2557 Tender for washing and cleaning of linen items 10/07/2017 19/07/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/1656/17 LTI for RSK Signage 04/07/2017 11/07/2017 Download Corrigendum(05/07/2017)
DHFWS/HOW/1661/17 Notice for opening EOI for PPP diagnostic centre at BBDhar RH 04/07/2017 05/07/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1582/17 NON GP HQ SC at Polgustia NPHC 27/06/2017 12/07/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/1554/17 Expression of Interest for PPP Diagnostic at B.B.Dhar RH 22/06/2017 30/06/2017 Download  
CMOH/2259 cancellation of tender no CMOH/2074 dt. 02-06-2017 14/06/2017 14/06/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1271/17 Corrigendum 07/06/2017 20/06/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1320/17 Supply,Fitting,& Fixing one window AC machine, at DTC, Howrah. 06/06/2017 14/06/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1319/17 AMC for 21 nos. AC at CMOH, Howrah 06/06/2017 14/06/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1303/17 Construction work at Mugkalyan BPHC 02/06/2017 15/06/2017 Download  
CMOH/2074 Tender for washing and cleaning of linen items 02/06/2017 13/06/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/1268 tENDER FOR DIGITAL THERMOMETER Baby weighting Scale etc 30/05/2017 09/06/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1271/17 Construction work at Debipur BPHC 30/05/2017 20/06/2017 Download  
1801 Tender for 04 Car Hiring 22/05/2017 30/05/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1172/17 Pest control treatment 22/05/2017 30/05/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1156/17 Gabberia SGH_Maternity ward 19/05/2017 30/05/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1156/17 Financial bid form 19/05/2017 02/06/2017 Download  
1497/Supdt/DHH notice of procurement of Foetal Monitor 18/05/2017 02/06/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1125/17 NIQ for repairing of AC 17/05/2017 26/05/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1094/17 Financial bid format 16/05/2017 31/05/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1095/17 Financial Bid Format 16/05/2017 31/05/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1094/17 Chandipur Manikpur BPHC 16/05/2017 26/05/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1095/17 LR & OT at KULAI bphc 16/05/2017 26/05/2017 Download  
405/17 Tender for spectacles - 1 08/05/2017 02/06/2017 Download  
406/17 Tender for specatles - 2 08/05/2017 02/06/2017 Download  
407/17 Tenders for spectacles - 3 08/05/2017 29/05/2017 Download  
TLJ/431 and TLJ/433 Cancellation of NIQ TLJ/426 and New NIQ for cleaning and washing 05/05/2017 15/05/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/954/17 Re-Tender for Common collection site at BBDhar RH. 25/04/2017 04/05/2017 Download  
DTC/HOW/138 RNTCP TENDER for LAB CONSUMABLE ETC 20/04/2017 11/05/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/733/17 Financial Bid summary 29/03/2017 07/04/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/733/17 Setting up of common collection site at different hospitals. 29/03/2017 07/04/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/733/17 Corrigendum 29/03/2017 10/04/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/733/17 Setting up of common collection site at different hospitals. 29/03/2017 07/04/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/575/17 Re-Tender for printing poster for cemoc bemoc centres 15/03/2017 23/03/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/576/17 Re-Tender for 04 Car Hiring 15/03/2017 23/03/2017 Download  
CMOH/HOW/DRS/71 Tender for computerized OPD and Bed head ticket 09/03/2017 17/03/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/503/17 Financial bid form_NCD Cell 06/03/2017 15/03/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/503/17 NIT_NCD Cell 06/03/2017 15/03/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/438/16 NIQ_Futickberia SC 28/02/2017 08/03/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/439/16 NIQ_Muktirchak SC 28/02/2017 08/03/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/440/16 NIQ_Nakole SC 28/02/2017 08/03/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/305/17 Tender for 04 Staff Cars 13/02/2017 20/02/2017 Download  
CMOH/How/503 Re-E-Tender for digital X-ray. Please visit wbtenders.gov.in for online participation. 13/02/2017 01/03/2017 Download  
0397/Supdt/DHH Re E-Tender For Supply of Portable Ultrasound and Colour Doppler Unit Set for District Hospital Howrah 10/02/2017 24/02/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/200/17 Limited Tender Notice for Marker Pen 31/01/2017 04/02/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/122/17 Opening date letter of the tender 30/01/2017 30/01/2017 Download  
0182/ Supdt/DHH e-tender Portable Ultrasound and Colour Doppler Unit Set for District Hospital Howrah 18/01/2017 01/02/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/122/16 Tender for printing poster 17/01/2017 24/01/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/84/17 NIQ_BBDhar RH 10/01/2017 20/01/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/85/17 NIQ_Jhunjhumi BPHC 10/01/2017 20/01/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/72/17 NIT_Amta RH 09/01/2017 20/01/2017 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/HOW/38/17 Cancellation of tender CMOH/DH&FWS/HOW/38/17 Dated 04/01/2017 due to technical reason 04/01/2017 10/01/2017 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1967/16 on 28.10.16 E-Tender_SC 28/10/2016 13/11/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1967/16 Technical Evaluation Summery 28/10/2016 14/11/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/PNDT/1939/16 TENDER PCPNDT 26/10/2016 03/11/2016 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/1898/16 Printing and printing articles / accessories, to be supplied to the DFWB Store, at Bunglow office of CMOH 19/10/2016 26/10/2016 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/1893/16 PRINTING of SAFE MOTHERHOOD Booklet 18/10/2016 25/10/2016 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/1887/16 PRINTING of NIPI and ISY-ISSK Leaflets 17/10/2016 24/10/2016 Download  
CMOH/HOW/DHFWS/1815 TENDER for equipment for NUHM 28/09/2016 05/10/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1717/16 Pest control treatment 12/09/2016 22/09/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1718/16 Hording & Route direction signage 12/09/2016 22/09/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1636/16 on 02.09.16 Construction of NON GP HQ SC 02/09/2016 16/09/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/1635 Tender for equipments 02/09/2016 09/09/2016 Download  
CMOH/HOW/DHFWS/1538 Tender for Labour Table 23/08/2016 01/09/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/1283/16 E-TENDER for LED TV 18/07/2016 01/08/2016 Download Corrigendum(09/08/2016)
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1434/16 REPAIR & RENOVATION WORKS AT KAMALPUR BPHC, HOWRAH 05/08/2016 22/08/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1434/16 on 05.08.16 Technical evaluation summary_Repairing & Renovation of Kamalpur BPHC, Howrah 05/08/2016 22/08/2016 Download  
CMOH/HOW/DHFWS/1315 Tender for NUHM 20/07/2016 28/07/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1300/16 Roof treatment of O.T. at BBDhar RH, Howrah 19/07/2016 28/07/2016 Download  
CMOH/HOW/DHFWS/1278 Tender for Hospital Equipment & Logistics items 14/07/2016 21/07/2016 Download Corrigendum(19/07/2016)
DHFWS/HOW/1280/16 tender for ites 14/07/2016 20/07/2016 Download  
DTC/HOW/373 RNTCP Lab material sample testing 05/07/2016 07/07/2016 Download  
DTC/HOW/367 RNTCP CONSUMABLES ETC 01/07/2016 14/07/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1138/16 Underground reservoir 21/06/2016 04/07/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1138/16 Underground reservoir 21/06/2016 11/07/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/185/16 CCU at DH 19/05/2016 28/05/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/187/16 R&R of OPD at JBPur RH 19/05/2016 31/05/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/185/16 Corrigendum 19/05/2016 28/05/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/180/16 Construction of addl. allied works at District Reserve Store 16/05/2016 02/06/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/892/16 Elect. installation work at DRS 13/05/2016 24/05/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/379/16 New construction of NON GP HQ SC 25/02/2016 11/03/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/379/16 Financial evaluation summery 27/02/2016 11/03/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/379/16 Corrigendum 25/02/2016 14/03/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/379/16 Technical evaluation summery 25/02/2016 11/03/2016 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/371/16 Tender for ASHA 24/02/2016 01/03/2016 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/362/16 Tender for NDD 23/02/2016 29/02/2016 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/PNDT/353/16 Tender for PNDT IEC 23/02/2016 29/02/2016 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/PNDT/348/16 Tender for PNDT hoarding and leaflet 22/02/2016 29/02/2016 Download  
CMOH/HOW/377/1(6) Tender for hiring of staff car 11/02/2016 23/02/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/228/16 Renovation of AO's chamber 10/02/2016 18/02/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/229/16 Minor repairing of SNSU., LR & its adjacent area at BBDhar RH 10/02/2016 18/02/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/161/16 Elect. installation work of preservation room, nursing stn. etc. 04/02/2016 11/02/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/162/16 Renovation & Upgradation of Gabberia SGH 04/02/2016 11/02/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/160/16 Elect. installation work of LR 04/02/2016 11/02/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/85/16 NIQ_Amta ICTC 22/01/2016 04/02/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/94/16 NIT_R&R 22/01/2016 04/02/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/95/16 NIT_R&R_ 22/01/2016 04/02/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/96/16 NIT_Signage & others minor work 22/01/2016 04/02/2016 Download  
031/16 tender for sunpack - KOTPA 18/01/2016 27/01/2016 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/HOW/1809/15 Tender for RCH printing 28/12/2015 05/01/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/36/16 CORRIGENDUM OF rch PRINTING 08/01/2016 08/01/2016 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/HOW/1814/15 Tender for Fogging Machine 30/12/2015 08/01/2016 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1620/15 JBPur RH_Extension of LR 19/11/2015 01/12/2015 Download  
USDH/Estt/1047 Repairing and service of Philips USG Machine HD3 Model 02/11/2015 16/11/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1487/15 NIT_BBDhar RH_BSU_Construction 15/10/2015 04/11/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1488/15 NIT_DTC Toilet 15/10/2015 04/11/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1478/15 Pest control treatment in different units 13/10/2015 03/11/2015 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/1474/15 Re-Inviting EOI for PPP at Amta RH 13/10/2015 02/11/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/1414/15 TENDER for wall painting 05/10/2015 13/10/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/1415/15 TENDER FOR SCANNER PRINTER 05/10/2015 13/10/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1324/16 Repairing of battery storage unit at CMOH Bungalow premises 17/09/2015 28/09/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1316/15 Re-Tender (2nd call) for different construction work 15/09/2015 24/09/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1284/15 NIT_Jhumjhumi BPHC_BSU 09/09/2015 21/09/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/1274/15 tENDER FOR VERIOUS PRINTING WORKS 08/09/2015 16/09/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1059/15 NIT_Amta RH_Construction of BSU 04/09/2015 16/09/2015 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/1113/15 Inviting Expression of Interest for PPP-Model Diagnostic Centre at Amta RH 10/08/2015 24/08/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1043/15 NIT_Retender_Different works_1 of 8 (see another row for continuation of same NIT) 27/07/2015 06/08/2015 Download  
2220/Supdt/DHH NIQ for Lab Exams for Howrah DH 06/08/2015 17/08/2015 Download  
2220/Supdt/DHH NIQ for Lab Exams for Howrah DH 06/08/2015 17/08/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1043/15 Notice regarding NIT for different works. 27/07/2015 06/08/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1043/15 List of selected agencies for financial bid 27/07/2015 14/08/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1043/15 NIT_Retender_Different works_2 of 8 (see another row for continuation of same NIT) 27/07/2015 06/08/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1043/15 NIT_Retender_Different works_3 of 8 (see another row for continuation of same NIT) 27/07/2015 06/08/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1043/15 NIT_Retender_Different works_4 of 8 (see another row for continuation of same NIT) 27/07/2015 06/08/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1043/15 NIT_Retender_Different works_5 of 8 (see another row for continuation of same NIT) 27/07/2015 06/08/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1043/15 NIT_Retender_Different works_6 of 8 (see another row for continuation of same NIT) 27/07/2015 06/08/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1043/15 NIT_Retender_Different works_7 of 8 (see another row for continuation of same NIT & NIT notice copy with financial bid is same as above) 27/07/2015 06/08/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1043/15 NIT_Retender_Different works_8 of 8 (see another row for continuation of same NIT & NIT notice copy with financial bid is same as above) 27/07/2015 06/08/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/955/15 NIT_Different works 14/07/2015 22/07/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/955/15 Cancellation of NIT 14/07/2015 22/07/2015 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/882/2015 EOI for running RSK at 6 SGH and 1 ID Hospital 30/06/2015 31/07/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/797/15 NIQ_Amta RH_Construction 10/06/2015 17/06/2015 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/697/15 Cancellation of EOI of RSK in SGH and IDH 21/05/2015 31/05/2015 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/IT/694/15 Design, Development and Implementation of Child Death Review Software 21/05/2015 27/05/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/598/15 Printing tender for RCH 28/04/2015 06/05/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/521/15 Construction of wall for beautification at Amta RH, Howrah 08/04/2015 20/04/2015 Download  
TLJH/323/1/8 TLJ SGH quotation for stationary items 31/03/2015 23/04/2015 Download  
TLJH/324/1/8 TLJ SGH Quotation for Printing of Forms 31/03/2015 23/04/2015 Download  
DTC/HOW/073 TENDER FOR LAB and PRINTING and STATIONARY ITEM FOR RNTCP 18/03/2015 07/04/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/390/15 Electrical Consultancy works. 16/03/2015 26/03/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/390/15 Electrical Consultancy works. 16/03/2015 26/03/2015 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/239/15 Printing of materials related to ASHA programme 02/03/2015 18/03/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/10/15 Retender_Amta RH_Drinking water stand_Ladies rest shed 06/01/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/08/15 Tender cancellation notice_Amta RH_Drinking water stand & ladies rest shed 05/01/2015 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1134/14 NIT_Construction of Drinking water stand & Ladies rest shed at Amta Rural Hospital. 01/12/2014 Download  
3042/Supdt/DHH Quotation of DH howrah for medicine for NPCB 25/11/2014 Download  
3042/Supdt/DHH Quotation of DH howrah for medicine for NPCB 25/11/2014 Download  
3043/Supdt/DHH Quotation of DH howrah for medicine for NPCB 25/11/2014 Download  
3007/Supdt/DHH Quotation of DH howrah for medicine etc 22/11/2014 Download  
3008/Supdt/DHH Quotation of DH howrah for equipment consumables etc 22/11/2014 Download  
3008/Supdt/DHH Quotation of DH howrah for equipment consumables etc 22/11/2014 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/812/14 NIQ_Construction_Addl. work of 1st fl. for proposed TB ward at TLJ SGH 02/09/2014 Download  
650 - 651 - 639 Verious tenders fro TLJ SGH 28/08/2014 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/449/14 Printing Tender 21/05/2014 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/450/14 Banner Tender 21/05/2014 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/203/14 Tender for printing of WIFS register 25/02/2014 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/136/14 Tender for printing works for DFWB 10/02/2014 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1058/13 Minor repairing work 31/12/2013 Download  
CMOH/DFWB/HOW/320/2013 Tender for Housekeeping and cleaning for five major hospital 20/12/2013 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/1012/13 NIQ for minor renovation work 17/12/2013 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/952/13 NIQ_Construction of Window grill, septic tank etc. at Dhulashimla PHC 02/12/2013 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/906/13 NIQ for Dhulashimla PHC 20/11/2013 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/889/13 NIT for construction work 13/11/2013 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/843/2013 Supply of Printer 29/10/2013 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/785/13 NIQ for painting work at DTC 01/10/2013 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/779/13 Notice inviting tender for Mapping 30/09/2013 Download  
DTC/HOW/312 Quotation for Refridgerator 23/09/2013 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/676/16 Construction of Different units 02/09/2013 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/639/13 Tender for construction of DRS 21/08/2013 Download  
920/Supdt/DHH Tender for Advanced microprocessor Controlled ventilator 18/04/2013 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/313/13 Corrigendum regarding tender notice no. CMOH/DHFWS/How/294/13 16/04/2013 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/294/13 Tender for new construction of Non-GP-HQ-SC 11/04/2013 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/105/13 Corrigendum & Retender of Construction work at Amta RH 13/02/2013 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/IT/109/13 Quotation for LAN 12/02/2013 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/103/13 Corrigendum against NIT for construction 12/02/2013 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/743/12 Corrigendum regarding last date of NIT of IT products and PPP Diagnostics 29/11/2012 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/729/12 Re-TENDER o IT & ELECTRONICS & IT-RELATED ITEMS 22/11/2012 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/733/12 EOI for PPP Diagnostic Centre 22/11/2012 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/619/12 NIT for different construction works at B B Dhar RH & Amta RH, Howrah 20/09/2012 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/531/12 Extension of period for Eoi for Bhatora 14/08/2012 Download  
1892/Supdt/DHH Tender for Howrah District Hospital for ventilator, Bi-pap 13/08/2012 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/504/12 Tender for Verious IT and Electronics and IT-Related Items 30/07/2012 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/490/12 Proposal of Health Service Delivery at Bhatora (island), Amta-II Block, Howrah District 27/07/2012 Download  
TLJH/656 Quotation invited for TLJ SGH - Washing & cleaning hospital Linens 2012-13 18/07/2012 Download  
DTC/HOW/142,143,144,145 Lab_Printing_&_Stationary_&_others_AMC_tender_form_download_2012 12/06/2012 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/318/12 Construction for NBCC & Renovation of Labour Room at different Hospital (Howrah) 15/05/2012 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/280/12 Notice for Hiring of Electrical Agency 23/04/2012 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/102/12 Corrigendum for Tender opening vide Memo No:CMOH/DHFWS/How/63/12 30/01/2012 Download  
94(A)/Supdt/DHH Quotation for MEDICINE related to JSSK for District Hospital, Howrah 25/01/2012 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/63/12 Tender Notice for construction work of SNSU 17/01/2012 Download  
DTC/HOW/015 Cold chain box quotation for DOTS Plus RNTCP 16/01/2012 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/668/11 Quotation on EPABX and Networking 05/12/2011 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/153/11 Tender & bid document for Printing and verious items for 2011-12 - with corrigendums 09/06/2011 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/How/128/11 NIQ for Civil Construction in different unit 02/06/2011 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/654/11 Quotation for construction of NBCC 28/01/2011 Download  
DTC/HOW/014 Laboratory Materials for RNTCP, Howrah. 17/01/2011 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/HOW/615/11 NIQ for construction 05/01/2011 Download  
CMOH/Diet/2314 Tender notice for Supply of cooked diet 25/10/2010 Download  
CMOH/DIET/2120 Tender for Cooked Diet 20/09/2010 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/1916 Tender order for equipments at TLJ Hospital 26/08/2010 Download  
xxxx corrigendum of tender notice no. CMOH/1509 dt. 23/7/10 30/07/2010 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/1354 Tender for Endoscopic Camera, Telescope, etc. for T.L. Jaiswal Hospital 02/07/2010 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/840/09 Notice for corrigendum for notice no 2518 dated 04/12/2009 17/12/2009 Download  
2518 CORRECTED TENDER NOTICE & BID Document for Printing etc 04/12/2009 Download  
2518 Tender for printing and supply of forms fromats etc 04/12/2009 Download  
DTC/HOW/230 RNTCP-Lab Printing & Stationary AMC & Laptop 2009-10 17/09/2009 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/IT-501/09 New Quotation for Antivirus 15/07/2009 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/IT-453/09 Qtn. for Antivirus Software 29/06/2009 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/IT-452/09 Qtn. for LCD Projector 29/06/2009 Download  
CMOH/DHFWS/ADVT/402/09 Tender for Poster and Immunization card for JE Programme of Howrah. 12/06/2009 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/HOW/Q-IPPI/323/09 Quotation inviting printing for IPPI May 2009 Migratory Round 13/05/2009 Download  
CMOH/DH&FWS/HOW/Q-JE/324/09 Quotation inviting printing & others for JE 13/05/2009 Download  
DHFWS/HOW/07/09 Tender for ITU Gas Pipeline & Lap Set supply 02/01/2009 Download  
CMOH/Dev/2411 Modified Tender notice for Security & Scavenging Services 2008-09 09/09/2008 Download  
CMOH/HC/2097 Withdrawn of tender for cooked diet to patients of Howrah District. 07/08/2008 Download  
CMOH/DIET/1979 Tender Notice 28/07/2008 Download  
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